A Calorie is a Calorie…. Or is it?

We have long thought that obesity can simply be blamed on a caloric imbalance. We’ve all heard it, “Eat less, move more”.  For over 30 years a low fat diet high in carbohydrates has been touted as the way to health. Yet, as Jason Fung MD notes in his book The Obesity Code, from 1985-2001 obesity in Canada has tripled and type 2 diabetes continues to rise. It seems we persist in treating the problems caused by obesity, like diabetes and high blood pressure, rather than correcting the root cause.

Calories have different metabolic responses in the body; a calorie of olive oil will have a significantly different reaction in the body than a calorie of sugar. Obesity is a hormonal imbalance with insulin being the key fat storage hormone. When we consume carbohydrates our insulin rises and fat storage occurs. For too long obesity has been blamed on lack of willpower or laziness. Ideal Protein takes the pressure off those of us who have struggled for so long with misinformation. As the hormone insulin is brought into balance with the Ideal Protein protocol, cravings are reduced, satiety is increased, and “willpower” is no longer an issue.

While science is now catching up, the concept of a low carbohydrate lifestyle for weight management has been around for more than a century. In 1863 William Banting, a British undertaker, published the pamphlet Letter on Corpulence, Addressed to the Public which is often considered the world’s first diet book. After trying the unsuccessful “eat less, move more” approach, Banting took the advice of his surgeon and avoided sugary and starchy foods resulting in the weight loss he had been striving for. He lost the weight, kept it off, and felt so well he was compelled to write his pamphlet as his public testimonial.

This brings us to Ideal Protein’s own Dr. Tran who now has the backing of science for Ideal Protein’s medically developed protocol. William Banting may not have known the science behind his weight loss success, but today we have the medical knowledge and understanding to confidently use this protocol for dependable weight management.

Dr. Tran Tien, Chanh, is an award winning graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in Paris. Dr. Tran Tien started his career as a general practitioner and sports physician, but quickly became interested in nutrition and obesity related issues.


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