A Calorie is a Calorie…. Or is it?

We have long thought that obesity can simply be blamed on a caloric imbalance. We’ve all heard it, “Eat less, move more”.  For over 30 years a low fat diet high in carbohydrates has been touted as the way to health. Yet, as Jason Fung MD notes in his book The Obesity Code, from 1985-2001 obesity in Canada has tripled and type 2 diabetes continues to rise. It seems we persist in treating the problems caused by obesity, like diabetes and high blood pressure, rather than correcting the root cause. Calories have different metabolic responses in the body; a calorie of olive oil will … Continue reading A Calorie is a Calorie…. Or is it?

Fall Weight Loss Kick Start – Ideal Protein

Fall is a Great Time to Start! Well, it is September… Another summer gone with all the great memories that go with it. They went by fast those two months. Imagine if you had started your weight loss journey in June? That’s the funny thing about time, it keeps on going no matter what. Another two months will soon pass and the question is, “Would you like to be 10, 20 or even 30 pounds lighter?”. It is possible and the sooner you start the sooner you can reach your goal. It will be December before we know it and … Continue reading Fall Weight Loss Kick Start – Ideal Protein

Summer Healthy Tips & Ideal Protein Cold Drink Ideas

Summer is finally here! Beautiful weather, fresh foods and plenty of opportunity to enjoy outdoors. Here are some tips and recipes to stay on track and be healthy this season. BUDDY WALK-GET MOTIVATED There’s strength in numbers, the old saying goes, and that’s especially true for many women when it comes to exercising. Social support encourages physical activity. An exercise buddy (or two) may help you achieve and maintain that goal. The buddy system keeps boredom away and makes time pass quickly. FIRE UP THE BBQ Fire up the grill for a fresh, healthy dinner. Grill your veggies, meat or seafood … Continue reading Summer Healthy Tips & Ideal Protein Cold Drink Ideas