Finding the Balance Over the Holidays

I find that most people tend to have a hard time over the holidays. I myself have to find a balance when accepting invitations to parties.  Don’t be afraid to ask the host questions, are you having a sit down dinner or buffet?  If it’s being catered will they make any special requests, most people are willing to work as long as you keep it simple. As for a buffet you can always offer to bring a vegetable dish that works for you and ask what kind of protein dish will be provided or brought.  Never feel bad if you … Continue reading Finding the Balance Over the Holidays

Making It Matter

While I was on my weight loss journey I found that if I kept small goals and rewarded myself with each goal I reached it kept me motivated through the hard times.  Keeping myself motivated was a big part of my success, weather it was getting a petti cure or getting my nails done I made sure to reward myself even if it was something small like a new pair of earrings.  Make sure you do the same for yourself, find something that works for you. Another thing that helped was finding motivational quotes that I would put on my … Continue reading Making It Matter

Tips For Healthier Eating

We start September off with lots of things that can make us very busy.  I for one have a child that is going back to school and starting after school sports.  I love this time of year, although it’s busy I find a balance in it.  It’s a great way to get back on track after the summer months, when I may have a couple of slip ups. Let’s be honest, it can be hard to stay mindful and make smart choices when eating and socializing with friends.  But with the start of the new school year I find it … Continue reading Tips For Healthier Eating

Keeping On Track Over Summer

Tips you might find helpful over the summer months. Shop at your local farmers market Start shopping at your local farmers market or farms to purchase your vegetables.  They have such amazing flavor and the prices are great.  I go at least once a week sometimes more, then when I get home I prep all my veggies, storing them in one or two serving sizes so when I’m on the go I can just grab whatever I need. Meal Planning Plan your meals for each week, try having fun items planned for the weekend.  Bump up your protein.  Protein is … Continue reading Keeping On Track Over Summer

Samudra Weight Loss Changes Name To Success Weight Loss

There’s a reason we changed our name to Success Weight Loss – the name reflects the amazing “success” we have witnessed with our clients. Our history is built on Success clients enthusiastic referrals with “18,000 lost pounds and counting” between the two locations. Since the business opened in 2011 in Courtenay and 2013 in Qualicum Beach. We have strived to be the best and stay focused on the needs of you…our client. At both locations you can enjoy the benefits of having highly trained and certified coaches. Samudra Health & Wellness will live on for our personal optimizing programs which … Continue reading Samudra Weight Loss Changes Name To Success Weight Loss