Making It Matter

While I was on my weight loss journey I found that if I kept small goals and rewarded myself with each goal I reached it kept me motivated through the hard times.  Keeping myself motivated was a big part of my success, weather it was getting a petti cure or getting my nails done I made sure to reward myself even if it was something small like a new pair of earrings.  Make sure you do the same for yourself, find something that works for you.

Another thing that helped was finding motivational quotes that I would put on my fridge, wallpaper on my phone, in my car and anywhere else that I would look at or go too every day, I even put them on my bathroom mirror.  I would change them every couple of months just to find new inspiration.

You can also find a support group that will surrounding yourself with people going through the same challenges, it is very motivating and helpful.  I found that not everyone is going to be supportive with you being successful, so surrounding yourself with supportive friends and family is key.


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