Open House in Courtenay – October 20th

open house courtenay oct 20thOctober 20th, 2pm – 7pm
6th Street between Tulios and Atlas Cafe

Formerly Samudra Weight Loss the new name Success Weight Loss reflects the amazing success this local weight loss business has been experiencing. Kristin Bjarnason, owner and a registered nurse for over 30 years says our history of nearly 6 years in the community is built on our client’s enthusiastic referrals as well as many of our referrals coming from the medical community. The key ingredient is the exceptional and personalized, supportive coaching that ensures clients meet their weight-loss goals and not sacrifice muscle.

An impressive 16,000 lost pounds and counting the weight loss approach offers a medically researched and designed program that employs Ideal Protein a high quality protein with blended carbohydrates and fat ration.

swl-ladiesKristin is proud that she and her team of certified coaches have helped so many people lose so much weight, and the nurse in her equally values the decreased blood pressure and blood sugar levels that come with that weight loss. In fact, that was what drew her to the program in the first place.

Losing weight can improve blood sugar, cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure. “In consultation with their physician’s we have seen many of our clients decrease or eliminate the need for medications that they were taking as a result of obesity. This is a very powerful and liberating for clients as they take responsibility for their own health.”

Coupled with weight loss coaching Kristin has a passion for teaching Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga and brings elements of these modalities to her coaching with staff and clients.

The staff at Success Weight Loss are looking forward to serving the communities of the Comox Valley and Oceanside for years to come and helping our residents be the best they can be with state of the art weight loss education.