Dianne L

A year ago September, I saw an ad in the local paper for Success Weight Loss Clinic. I had not heard anything about the program so I sent Kristin an email inquiring about the program.
She was very informative about the program and the cost. I did not go in at that time, instead opting to try Protein Drinks for morning and lunch and eating a balanced diet on my own. I lost a few pounds and then thought I can’t stick to this and quit, thinking what a good thing I didn’t join up. I even gained a few more pounds and by December I hit an all-time high. I made an appointment to go in the first week in January and give Ideal Protein a try, I had heard of a few people who had lost an incredible amount of weight in a short time.

Since January 3, 2013 I have lost 72 lbs and have a goal of 100 lbs. I feel great, I have never felt deprived, even though I gave up my main staples. My diet has changed, I have no cravings
And I do not miss any of my past favorite foods.

The support of Kristin and her staff is incredible, they are so helpful and encouraging!

Thank you!