Tracey M

I had met (and avoided) Kristin at many Chamber of Commerce events so I knew of Success Weight Loss but apparently was not ready. When the switch audibly “clicked”
in my head one day…I picked up the phone and made an appointment for the next morning and here I sit, 5 lbs from goal, still a bit incredulous at how we actually made this happen!! This physical part of this program is easy…set out for you in a format that is clear and easy to follow. I was at a point where I needed someone to tell me what to eat, and when to eat with no flexibility or counting of points. The mental part of having the weight come off so easily and so quickly is what is a bit hard to wrap your head around until you learn the how’s and why’s of the program. Even though I am nearing goal…I am still learning every day…I cannot say enough about the support of my coach Janet and the other coaches as they are all always there to answer any questions or concerns along the way, touching base to make certain you are on the right track in the beginning and I see this as not only my success but very much the success of Janet and the rest of the team.

Thanks so much for helping change my life…I have found the person that was waiting to be present in the world but was hiding behind all of the weight…and she is wearing AWESOME new clothes! Love you guys and will recommend this program to anyone that might need to hear it!