I have been struggling with my weight since high school, but my real weight gain started after I had my son.  I started yoyo dieting ever since, trying one fad after another, I tried working out but never had a true concept of how to eat right.  My weight gain continued to grow, I had such low energy that I couldn’t even go outside to play with my son.  When I could no longer look at myself in the mirror and after talking with a friend and family member who had lost weight through Success Weight Loss I knew this was what I hoped would work for me.  Little did I know how fantastic it would be. 

When I started my journey I never thought I would be able to lose 20lbs let alone 70lbs.  So I started with sticking to the plan 100%, it wasn’t easy at first to be around a lot of food temptations, but knew that I wanted it to work, so I just kept reminding myself that what I was doing was working and it wasn’t worth it to slide back into eating unhealthy food.  The plan is very simple everything is laid out for you to follow and they have fantastic food you can eat.  I found that I had a lot of healthy food options that were very tasty.  The ladies at Success Weight Loss are so helpful with recipes to try.  My coach Janet helped me so much and was so encouraging. I am truly thankful for all their support; I couldn’t have done it without my family and friends encouraging me along the way.  

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