Tips For Healthier Eating

We start September off with lots of things that can make us very busy.  I for one have a child that is going back to school and starting after school sports.  I love this time of year, although it’s busy I find a balance in it.  It’s a great way to get back on track after the summer months, when I may have a couple of slip ups. Let’s be honest, it can be hard to stay mindful and make smart choices when eating and socializing with friends.  But with the start of the new school year I find it easy to get back on track, having a schedule to stick to makes it easy to stick to a plan.  Planning meals ahead of time so that I’m prepared for all the after school activities and making meal plans.

Eating healthy while making smart choices that benefit yourself and your family are key things that will make you successful.   I like to keep a list of easy to make meals that are healthy, but I can make changes that will make it a complete meal for the people in my family that need more complex carbs in their diet.  For example, my family loves spaghetti, but I chose not to eat the pasta.  Instead I will make myself zucchini pasta as a replacement.  There are many options that you can do that will work.

Crock pot cooking is my lifeline, I can throw everything together in the morning and set it on low and not have to worry about dinner.  Although most of what I make is just the protein portion of our meal I find that this is where I struggle the most when thinking on the fly or when I’m in a hurry.   I also try cooking in large batches so I can have leftovers that I can freeze and use at a later date if something comes up and I’m in a rush.

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