Keeping On Track Over Summer

Aug 24, 2018 | News

Tips you might find helpful over the summer months.

Shop at your local farmers market

Start shopping at your local farmers market or farms to purchase your vegetables.  They have such amazing flavor and the prices are great.  I go at least once a week sometimes more, then when I get home I prep all my veggies, storing them in one or two serving sizes so when I’m on the go I can just grab whatever I need.

Meal Planning

Plan your meals for each week, try having fun items planned for the weekend.  Bump up your protein.  Protein is an important factor in any balanced diet.  It helps to influence your metabolic rate positively, which in turn can have a lasting impact on your weight loss goals.   Protein will help to make you feel fuller for a longer period.   It will help in cutting down on binge eating.  This habit will assist you in reducing processed and junk food to a certain extent.  Cutting down on these food categories is highly beneficial in losing weight successfully.

I like to have turkey burgers made up and frozen in my freezer, so if I’m invited to a BBQ I have something ready to go that doesn’t take long to defrost.  I like to have lots of pre-made meals frozen so that I have a lot of selection to choose from. Once a week or every couple of weeks I will prepare all my protein portion of my meals.  I find this very helpful, so I never have to panic and end up making bad choices that I end up regretting.

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